The New Practical Scrappers!

Practical Scrappers is going to have a new format beginning in October. We are seeking project submissions for the following topics and will be featuring some of the great work that comes our way. These projects will be featured in the first two weeks of October. Projects should be submitted by October 3rd. In your email please include a link to your blog, if you have one, and tell us what country or state you live in.

Layouts: Submissions can be sent to practicalscrapperslayouts@gmail.com
Layouts that use five or more photos
Layouts that use black and white photos
Layouts that use distressing techniques

Cards: Submissions can be sent to practicalscrapperscards@gmail.com
Cards that use distressing techniques

We also will be running a regular feature showcasing projects that are displayed on our message board. If you have an awesome project you would like to share, post it on there and it may just show up in our October message board feature

Isn´t this exciting news??
Practical Scrappers is the place to go! :) /Pia

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